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”I’m a little pocket animal whose duty is to explore creative solutions. I’ve been travelling for years and I sleep during the nights.”

Noin muotoilee suomalainen ystäväni, taiteilijanimeltään Myrna, vielä suhteellisen uudehkon bloginsa sivupalkissa. Tarkempi lähiosoite on Tahdoin ihan omasta aloitteestani vinkata tuosta And life loves me -blogista kaikille hieman erilaisesta elosta kiinnostuneille :)

Myrna kirjoittaa englanniksi, mutta kommentoida ja keskustella sopii tottakai myös suomeksi. Hän julkaisee myös YouTube videoita, jotka puhuttelevat ilolla, lämmöllä ja kekseliäisyydellään. Hänen videotaiteensa ei koskaan jätä kylmäksi, niin sanoakseni! Tällä hetkellä asuinympäristö on Lontoo, mutta hänet tietäen se voi täysin yhtäkkiä olla missä päin maailmaa tahansa.

En spoilaile liikaa, vaan lainaan tähän pätkiä joistakin Myrnan postauksista (sekä hänen videoitaan), niin pääsette jyvälle:

[I love life / YouTube: Just a tiny break away from work (3:36). Just a tiny break away from work today. My autumn day in London 2016.]

. . . . . .

”Part of me is Irish, part of me is Finnish and part of me is English. I also recognise bits of myself in every other nationatilities while chatting with people from different backgrounds. We are all one. And that’s so great.”Warmly welcome to my new blog

. . . . . .

”One week behind in London and Spain in my mind again. What a suprise!
Acctually I managed to get an offer to travel near Granada to live in cave house and work for some lovely lady in there. I might go. I definitely should go!
Or then I might take 3 weeks job in South-London. Why not to do both…”
Back in duty in London, dreaming about Spain

. . . . . .

[I love life / YouTube: From London to Glasgow via Ayrshire (5:42). Few days travel. Winter spirit. Big things in progress.]

. . . . . .

”Here I am again, in Spain. This time I am experiencing mountain life AND cave living! Yes. I met a lovely lady who had always dreamed about living in the caves (probably with dragons) and she finally made her dream come true.
Now I (and few other lovely travellers from Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands) am experiencing the same wonder (or should I say just normal day to day life) as the Gypsys of this area in inland Spain.”
Energy from the cave house

. . . . . .

[I love life / YouTube: Rainy day collection (4:19). Happy happy joy joy.]

. . . . . .

”The future plan is wide open. Me and my second half have our current housesitting/short let task going on until end of the March. I’m so so so excited to see what happens after that. I have no idea. But it will be so much fun, believe me.
I have started my personal project to become an enterpreneuer as well.
Today I’m going to complete Paediatric first aid for kids for the company who are offering well paid temporary jobs, but for some reason they didn’t have any idea I was enrolled to their course by themselves, I paid cash in hand to the leader, even though I thought we were bonding nicely. I would say they are very enthusiastic people…calling everyday for work. Just some tiny miscommunication of details can shake the picture as we are all foreingers (in the glorious UK, so I understand we need to be driven out) regarding strong accents in phone conversations. Half of the time goes by asking: say again? Sorry?”
Catching up, don’t escape

. . . . . .

[I love life / YouTube: Chicken and king prawn fajitas, bruschetta (2:02). Dinnertime!]

. . . . . .

Hugs & kisses! <3

– Taru

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    • Ole hyvä :)

      Oon täysin samaa mieltä – näistä ei voi mitään muuta kuin kokea loistotuulta :) Melkoinen taito Myrnalla, saada tuollaisia tunnelmia aikaan.

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